Journaling work is a loving friendship you strike up with yourself. It is uplifting, enlightening and transformative…

Soul Journaling, starts JUNE 2019

5 packed sessions,
introducing techniques for resilient self knowledge and personal transformation.

This workshop series as an invitation to explore.
A gentle, barefooted walk to another way of being.
Come with me to meet yourself just where you are.

The informal reflection techniques and creative practices I share with you in these sessions allow us to journey to our inner world.
I use these practices to understand and hear my doubts, honour and release imprinted fear stories and unpick cruel self-talk on the way to self-acceptance and a soft awakened heart.

Each session is two hours on a monthly Saturday morning, in a beautifully calm quiet space in the heart of Norwich.
In each warm, welcoming class you will be introduced to journal exercises and guided through creative exercises to get you directly into a relaxed flow state.
From there we will gently explore thoughts, feelings and ideas a little more deeply.
You will get the benefit of my takeaway packages of printed notes, prompts and worksheets to support your own journaling in the month ahead.

You will have plenty of ‘A-ha’ moments.
I will help you to shift from seeing yourself as being a collection of problems you need to fix to understanding your unique value.
This course is designed to help you to find a path to accepting yourself as the complex, messy-beautiful human being that you are.


This course will lead you through:

  • Cultivating resilient self knowledge.

  • Confidently recognising and neutralising your inner critic.

  • Exploration of your inner narrative, techniques for re-framing your self perception.

  • Breaking habits and shifting your beliefs around your perceived limits.

  • Discovering strategies for motivation towards taking inspired action.

  • Stepping boldly into self-acceptance and reclaiming your smile.

All materials are provided. No experience necessary, All women welcome! 

Sessions are £12 each. Pay in full at first session or on a monthly basis.

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Places are limited, drop me a line through my contact page to reserve yourself a seat in this class

10am - 12pm on Saturdays at The Complementary HealthCare Clinic 34 Exchange Street, Norwich NR2 1AT
Saturday 22nd  June
Saturday  27th July
Saturday  24th August 
Saturday 28th September
Saturday 26th October

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I started using notebooks to draw and record my thoughts as a teenager. These weren't just diaries or sketchbooks for observational drawing: they were more like illustrated almanacs of the inner self... 

Using books in one form or another to record and respond to the world has been a constant habit. This consistent return to the book has been a rope out of darkness and a way to capture joy and understand myself. Books matter to me very much but really it is the creative conversation, the decision making, the exploring and regularly practising imperfection that is the alchemic ingredient here.

Scrapbooks/Notebooks/Sketchbooks/Journals: these glorious paper sandwiches have been a container for thoughts, ideas, hopes and impulses as well a place to discuss fears, hopes, ideas, secret feelings and concerns and to neutralise unhelpful thoughts and feelings through free writing and re-framing. I have found wonderful and accessible methods to keep and create space for thinking, opening myself up and exploring. I combine professional experience and subject specific training was an Artist, Teacher and Coach (and now Counsellor in training) to lead these enrichment classes, centred around building, customising and using books in different ways.