4 X 1 hour Coaching Sessions


4 X 1 hour Coaching Sessions


That life you want:
The one where you get to choose who you are and what you do all day,
where you get to smile to yourself all the time
and to look around and feel proud of what you have built for yourself
and your family,
your community
Work with me to get to it…

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I’m so glad you’re here!

Our coaching sessions will run for 60 minutes per session. You will want to have a notebook/journal dedicated to our work together and a trusted pen for note taking during the session. During the session we will seek out your inspired goals for the month ahead and work out how best you can reach them between this and the next session. Don’t worry, we will deal with the ways those goals make you nervous and neutralise that opinionated inner critic, I promise that’s where the magic will happen for you.

I recommend a space of at least 14 days between sessions, so that you can feel the impact of our work together, notice the shifts you are experiencing and reflect effectively between sessions.

During our work together I create a safe space for you to unpack your thoughts, hopes, feelings and beliefs about yourself and the world. We explore the life you desire to live and find pathways directly to that life from where you are right now. We start from exactly where you find yourself and travel together. We are going to create plans for taking inspired action, I provide accountability in order that you begin to become the woman you want to become; in other words, that inner goddess that you have been holding in, starts to be who you are externally too. My clients report feeling energised, enthusiastic and empowered after our sessions. I am awe-struck by the achievements and shifts my courageous clients pull off.

I am gained distinctions for my qualification as a coach and Post Graduate certification as a teacher. I have worked with people in service, problem solving and leadership roles for nineteen years.

I work with women kindling creative connection in group classes and in one to one soul coaching sessions. These empowered women reconnect to their life desires through guided creative activity, journaling exercises and being deeply listened to. Together we explore and find sustainable strategies for these identified desires to seed into their everyday lives. I believe strongly that everyone of us should be living the life we really want to live, not the smaller life that we are afraid is all we really deserve. None of our time here on earth should be wasted.