Hi, I’m Susannah.
I am an artist, teacher and coach.
My work has been rooted in the belief that engaging in mindful creative activity is essential in order for us to live well.
We slow down, get quiet and often the answers we have been relentlessly chasing flow to us with ease.

In mid August 2019, I was unexpectedly pulled into the sudden onset of physical illness.
A very obvious lack of all of the principles I had been articulating through my classes and musings on social media became flood-lit in my own life.
It became apparent that I had become gravely disconnected from my inner world and was not living well at all.

I am currently recovering, reflecting and recalibrating.
I have drawn back from social media and being online for now.
Changes are coming.
I am so looking forward to sharing them with you.

What people say about working with me…

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Susannah has helped me enormously with her coaching during the time I wanted to focus on growing my own business. Her insightful questioning and deep presence in our conversations helped me become clear on my goals and what the necessary steps were in order to achieve these. Susannah has a unique gift that empowered me to manifest positive changes in my career and business. With her warm and caring personality I felt a genuine rapport and connection with her. She is authentic, compassionate, an excellent communicator and listener, and she truly cares about creating real and sustainable progress and results for her clients – this makes all the difference. Each session left me feeling elevated and clear about my next steps, which brought visible results. Whilst ensuring I make progress, Susannah also assisted me to move out of my comfort (or fear zones!) in order to do so. She is is a mindset master and understands what it takes to shift your thinking and your actions in order to create what you most want in your outer world and to become the most confident, powerful, and impactful version of yourself.
— Effie Kli, High Performance Business Coach, London UK
Susannah’s vision boarding session really was life changing. I was a little nervous to go on my own, but as soon as I arrived I felt right at home. The group discussed anything and everything, even big life events as though we were discussing the weather! Susannah provided a safe and empowering space. She made everything seem so straightforward and normal. I would highly recommend taking a class with Susannah! I left feeling empowered and like I knew what I wanted and needed for the year ahead for the first time ever!
— Shelley, Creator of ShelleyBethBlog, Norfolk UK
I am very grateful to have worked with Susannah. I was once leery of all forms of coaching and therapy, uneasy with where it might take me and ashamed I might need help navigating life. While I’ve since found trusted therapists and coaches in tough transitions and they’ve shifted my perspective on seeking guidance, I still have a hard time truly opening up. Susannah makes it easy - I didn’t realize how she would lift me up.

Susannah is simply relatable. She exudes wisdom and worldliness garnered from her own life, yet is lighthearted in approach. She listens deeply and with complete humility, validating your experience. In turn, Susannah inspires you to listen - to connect with your own voice. She encourages self-care and healing so you’re able to take leaps. And with warm, genuine excitement, she propels you to depths that create real change.

In the short time I was lucky enough to work with Susannah, she stirred something in me. My perspective and energy has shifted yet again. I felt tugs on unexpected threads that triggered a lovely unraveling of sorts. She empowered little intuitional hits I’ve been suppressing and reminded me that I could actively choose to do things in order to cultivate my own happiness. I so value every second I had with her.
— Larkin, Designer & Creative-Soul, Breckenridge, Colorada
A one hour session with Susannah is like a crash course that allows you to confront the barriers holding you back and walk away with doable solutions
— Marianna, Writer, California USA
For the first time in a while I feel alive and able to go and do things. You’re a miracle- worker!
— Vicki, Small Business Owner, Sussex UK
Through our sessions I found a way to set myself free of the clutter in my life. Previously overwhelming projects became achievable, which spurred me on and made me commit to the future I want
— Alison, Artist, Surrey UK