Creative Circle


Creative Circle

Messy Beautiful

In May 2019 I handmade 10 mini sketchbooks and sent them out to 10 women around the world.

The pages were blank except for a few lines and marks. I invited the women to fill the sketchbooks and post their pages online. The beginning of the first Creative Circle.

The theme for this first Creative Circle is ‘Messy Beautiful’:

Together we will think about the places in our lives where we feel chaotic and messy and meditate on those things while creating our pages. We are all beautiful and messy in our humanness. We are all each other. Let’s explore and celebrate this as a circle. These sketchbook pages are a sacred space to open up, explore, meditate and celebrate.

There are no rules around how to engage with this project.
My wish is to ignite the creative process and to generate an opportunity, an invitation to create and share. Collectively we pour ourselves into our little books and reveal the pages online, knowing that we are a connected circle, in this together. Our creating and sharing invites other women to create and share and enlarge the circle.

For the parts of ourselves we cannot see but long to befriend and sit with