What coaching does to change your life.

Do you ever feel like there is this absence of something in your life.
A feeling oaf a gap between where you are now and where you really want to be.
It feels like the solution is close.
If you could just clear the fog and decider which next step to take, you would be on your way.
That first step though feels almost impossible. You are frozen in indecision.

I believe coaching to be invaluable for those seeking to develop themselves and take charge of their own lives.
This is because it is all about building a bridge over the gap with you.

Sometimes we reach out for help to change, we think we want advice.
Advice feels like an easy answer to our problem (‘someone please, just tell me what to do…’). We might get in touch with someone we know who happily gives out free advice.
Fairly quickly, we find that the advice was not as useful as we thought and might even have created more problems than it solved, getting us some of the way towards our desired outcome and then leaving us stranded.
Coaching isn’t about giving advice. Distinct from working with a mentor or a consultant, coaching isn’t a process of telling someone what to do or how to do it, instead it is the very powerful process of supporting an individual to recognise and access their own wisdom, experience, strengths and value to create positive and lasting shifts within their own life according to what they know (or come to understand, through working with a coach) deep down will work best for them.

The empowering thing about seeking and giving your own advice (to yourself) is that you have all of the inner and outer context information you need. If you know you are an advice seeker, working with a coach is an excellent way to take back your power because all coaches worth their salt know: YOU hold the answers you seek and your ideas are worth listening to. A coach will help you to retrain yourself to a place of self assured confidence in this notion. If you and I started to work together as client and coach, you would be deeply listened to. Our sessions together belong to you, so you get to decide what we talk about. I know that feels rare (isn’t it exactly the peaceful, moment-to-yourself kind of time you have been craving?) I provide structure so that you get the best value from our session, my job is to make space for you and listen. I ask the right questions at the right moments to help you to see into yourself clearly, deeply and find the answers you need to help you move forward. You will feel seen and heard and consistently supported by someone who whole-heartedly believes in you.

Together we would accelerate your personal change by helping you to unpack the stories, perceptions and ideas you hold about yourself. The purpose of working together is to support you in making the changes you desire to your life, by helping you to identify, with granular clarity, exactly what you want and enabling you to take inspired action - even if that action feels scary and difficult - towards a desired life. It makes all the difference to have my support when making an effort to change because I will help you to see the road ahead and respond to the fear that crops up. I will help you get up after falling down: In essence, I will help you to super-charge your persistence (and we know that persistence is the key ingredient in success of any kind). This support around how you manage change is where the alchemic magic happens in our work together.

When we actively work towards changing ourselves, the road often slips out from under our feet. The weather changes, we come across blocks and impasses we had not anticipated and we realise we are afraid of things we had no idea we carried fear about. Not only that, we find we suddenly develop self doubt and lack a sense of worth where we need it most, we have no idea how to get over the giant neon obstacles that seem to spring from nowhere. If you have ever tried to change a significant aspect of your life, you will know what I mean, resistance always turns up and it is always from within ourselves and it makes us want to hide rather than change (but change we must). More than just a support and cheerleader, I am your midwife for birthing positive change.

My sessions are compassionate, non-judgemental and confidential, which means that you can drop the exhausting dance of being all things to all people and instead be your un-edited self, bringing your honest thoughts and reactions to our sessions, because I will help you to find calm acceptance for the person you are underneath all the hats, without spinning all the plates. I will help you to find a way to be that one person more consistently so that you can feel energetically alive and unafraid to be visible as your soul self (just imagine the time and energy you would free up).

I will pull you out of the mud: Progress through life is rarely linear, we often find ourselves stuck on ‘repeat’ trying to make sense of possible conflicts between our secret fears and the practical tasks of surviving in the world. We fixate on the things we want to change so hard that we find them magnified. We become obsessive about how much we dislike a particular aspect of our current life but change doesn’t come because we can’t stop ourselves rubber-necking at the mess. I will help you to ignite and accelerate the process of change. Working together is an opportunity for you to re-focus, unpack, self-discover, find strategies to expand into the life you want via the great strengths you may not realise you already have (that I KNOW are within you) in abundant supply, just beyond that exhausting self doubt and worry that you aren’t quite enough and don’t deserve the things you want.

Lets get into this together:

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