Let me write to you…

This is the kind of email I write out to my subscribers. I sent this on September 20th 2018…. I would love to welcome you to the tribe…

September 2018 Newsletter

Lee Bul   's art work at    The Hayward Gallery    this summer: Art so often holds the answer for me, or more accurately offers me another way of seeing...

Lee Bul's art work at The Hayward Gallery this summer: Art so often holds the answer for me, or more accurately offers me another way of seeing...

In March I spoke with a gorgeous handful of you for an hour or so about the lives you really wish you were leading and the obstacles you are experiencing. I think about you all A LOT.

I think about you creatives, writers, artists and spiritually called. You had such fires in your bellies about the work you want to do. I also think about you bold mothers holding such fierce love for your young, a love that runs in parallel seams to your desire to nourish a little bit of your identity: the woman you know you are alongside your maternal reaches. I was inspired by your responses and your reflections, your capacity for ambition and creative passion, touched by your generosity - you went all in to be honest and open in response to my questions and share. I am so grateful to each of you for that. I loved that you shared with me and I really love that still I feel those connections with each of you. I think about all of you on my newsletter list and that I want your signing up to hear from me to be something you are so glad you did. 

Here in the UK it is autumn (fall) - which is my favourite season. Much has happened since I last wrote in March: I have been trying out as a wellbeing coach, working with groups of young people - and realising for now that it is fully grown women I most want to work with in my classes. I had a public speaking gig - a stretch beyond my comfort zone that I may not repeat for a little while! I went on a Podcast to talk about a shadow from my past: (My episode is Episode 7, Rapunzel) I loved talking to host Alysia and I think her process is really special. I have made leaps within my own work was an Artist and feel another shift happening there. All this since freeing myself of some of my own obstacles by doing some inner work (with my own coach). I sold some work and have started teaching Art regularly again (three times per week) - which has re-hydrated my sense that Art is the answer (or at least the pathway towards the answer) to some of our big, deep questions. With that knowing re-awakened, I am working on gathering a few more venues for classes locally, bringing creativity and women's health together. I am excited about this and ready to get back on with it after a few false starts earlier in the year.

By now I expected to have everything ALL figured out, to have my coaching course package for women all written, my video pieces and interviews made and to be uploading and finishing up on Thinkific. I thought I would be writing to you to share the sign up details. I did record a mini course this year (which, dear blog reader: you can catch on my booklist if you subscribe...)

But you know what? I am not quite ready to record and run an interactive course yet, I haven't yet hit upon how best to create a course that combines my own passion and speaks to yours in a way that re-ignites your inner spark, and that is the course I want to make. That is the course I will make. Somewhere I can hear marketing experts gasping right now, I mean the LAST thing I should be doing is revealing an area of in-expertise or uncertainty, right? To me, not presenting myself as your Guru and instead being honest with you is far more important. I want to stay authentic, in it’s real sense and I hope connected to you more sincerely because of that.

This week I realised that pretty much every aspect of my life is in either an incomplete limbo or rebirthing or needing to be cast to the past right now. I don't know what I am doing and I don't know how I am supposed to best connect with you, but I know FOR CERTAIN that I WANT to continue to connect with you - I think you might just be my tribe! It feels like the most natural way for me to stay in touch is to write to you. I am focused on evolving that thought and expanding it in a way that has meaning and elevates you. I am currently running a beloved writing project here, do join up if you would like to receive my postcards, or click on the image above to sign up.

The new project I am developing (based on the fact that I love writing to you all) is something I briefly flashed on Instagram earlier in the year: A letter service that delivers coaching via letter writing, because I want to write to you on paper, a real letter that hits your door matt and makes your heart smile. 

At the moment I am fine tuning this offer, I would love to hear from you if you are interested in receiving regular letters from me - by the way my letters will always include hand made paper goods; like my zines or ready-to-fill-in gratitude books, so that every envelope would be a beautiful creative bundle to unravel, created with you in mind.

Thanks for reading. I will get in touch when I have more to tell you, in the mean time, I am always open to working with new clients and because of some of the schedule clearing I have been doing, I have space for three new clients to join me, one to one. We start working from wherever you are, with compassion, love and my faith in you and your ability to create some magic for yourself (you've totally got this...)

Simply hit reply to contact me, use the contact button above or set up a Discovery session HERE in my Diary.