Wish you were here...

Ten years ago, I set off on a solo journey around the world. It was a lifelong dream to backpack my way from West to East and back again. I had paid off student loans, saved like crazy, planned, dreamt, schemed and taken the scary step of leaving a new and promising career in teaching to make it happen. I didn't know why I was so driven to act upon this desire, I just knew that I had to answer the calling inside me to go out and see the world. 

My exciting mission was heaped with expectation and anticipation. Although I hated people telling me that I would 'find myself' and would 'come back a different person', feeling those things to be such clichés (and I wanted this to be a journey of uniqueness) I was secretly convinced that I would float through arrivals at the other end of my journey entirely at peace with myself with a backpack full of worldly wisdom and a deep sense of self assured knowing about my path, past and future. 

I expected to fast track my way to enlightenment, through immersion and rubbing shoulders with different. I thought that moving through these things and places of otherness would be enough to embed permanent positive change. When I did return to England, I was different and I had learned about myself - not in the way I imagined; because: Isn't that how things work?

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of setting out on my incredible, messy, scary, funny, eye opening, heart warming and emotional journey I will be sharing stories of my adventures and the surprising things I found to be true for a woman travelling alone. I am sending postcards to my subscribers: 
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