Works for sale at markets: Illustrated homewares celebrating wild women and our siblings in the animal kingdom

Works from my own wild Heart: Processes I teach in classes

Acrylic on canvas, watercolour & gouache paints on paper and paper board


Other Works

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All of my work begins from scrawling, writing and sketching out crude notes, shapes and ideas in my sketchbooks and journals. Drawing and writing free hand or using found words are my absolute favourite starting points for classes. Drawing and annotation are the vital root of my own work and the primary means for me to hear my inner knowing both when I make Art and when reflecting and journaling about life. I have worked with hundreds of children and a great deal of adults building their confidence, launching and facilitating their discoveries through creative exercises. 

I work as an artist in sketchbooks, entering work regularly into small exhibitions, competitions and creating zines or one off illustrations. You can keep up with my most recent work, including my 2018 #100dayproject on Instagram